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We found Creature Cavorts through Bark.com
We met with Bee who came to our home and hit it off with our very excitable puppy and us as a family. Bee’s trustworthy and her experience has helped with training our crazy puppy and the advice she has given us has been worth its weight in gold. Our lively Cockapoo is turning into the perfect family pet and we are now also using Bee for Treck and Train which is an amazing service for us with our jobs an we know our puppy will have the best time with Bee and socialising with other dogs. Finding Creature Cavorts was the best thing we did. We would 100% recommended Creature Cavorts.

Many thanks
Maria Drewett

We have used Bee’s services for just shy of 5 Years and she is by far the most fabulous Aunty Bee that there is.  When we bought our dog Scruff, we knew very little outside of what I could remember growing up with a puppy myself.  Bee met us and Scruff over a weekend  and there was an immediate connection between us all.  She is an extension of our family.
> Scruff was welcomed into our family at 12wks and  met Bee the same weekend.  He is a Cavachon and is classed as ‘Apricot’ and white in colour.  He was tiny, fluffy and FULL of energy – we knew we were in for adventures when we bought him and knew the outside nature Treks that Bee advertised would be well suited.  We both work so wanted to ensure that we had someone who could take our minds off worrying about him in the day.  Aside from the daily trek; when he was a puppy and was rather poorly Bee ensured he was still seen and visited everyday, played with, toileted in the garden  and fed, she always sent a text or left a note to report on his wonderful behaviour or mishaps!  She made our worries go away.  He is also a frequent visitor to Bee’s and enjoys having a sleepover and having lazy evenings all cwtched up with Bee and the cats!
> From day one, Bee trained our little fluffy pup to listen, heel, fetch etc.  What was even better was that she shared with us her command words so that we could also use them at home, so he was learning the same from us both.  Our dog is extremely well behaved on and off-lead and is full of love – this is achieved through consistency across us at home and with Bee.  We also have videos and photos sent to us from Treks and when he stays over we get regular updates or If there is any cause for concern regarding weather, etc prior to Treks – a nice touch!  The videos and perfectly posed photos make her service unique ( I still don’t know how she gets them all to pose!) and such a delight to receive during the day or in the evening.
> She takes them on within her pack and ensures that they are all well fitted – this is really good and secures the safety of all, its lovely to see their little characters fitting.  It is also lovely to see them all together, chasing the ball, posing for photos and welcoming each other into the car daily with kisses.  I have been out on a few Treks with Bee and it is lovely to be part of it and to see all the dogs together.  They all care for each other and are eager to please Bee (if only they listened to their owners all the time!)
> Bee truly does look after all the pets as if they were her own.  We highly recommend Bee and her services.
> Kate & Dave Gross
> 3/12/2019
“Lazy days on the beach or by the pool, sipping cocktails or ice cold beer….perfect 🌴🍸🍺. But what about our furries? If you are looking for someone to care for your menagerie in the comfort and familiarity of yours, and their, home without the stress and upheaval of catteries and kennels, then Bee is your lady. She cared for Miss Molly and the late Fudgey Girl last year and I absolutely, 100% recommend her. I have already booked her again for this year. She goes way beyond the ‘pop in and feed’ and even has furries to stay with her in her bespoke garden! She’s very professional and exceptional caring and kind. Check Bee’s link, she’s a real find” 🐾🐝 xx

Louise Osborne

“Bee has cared for my dogs for over four years.

They are always excited to see her because they know they are off for a good fun runout.

She has helped me with their training , socialising and house sitting.

In fact when Bee house sits it’s an enjoyable and relaxing holiday for us
and the dogs, everyone is cared for.

I 100% recommend Bee to provide a service for you and your pets needs.”

Angela Page

“Brigitte Hopkins, who I have known for many years, I can happily say, is  one of the most trustworthy, sensitive and caring people I have met. Her dedication to animal welfare is exemplary and she always takes a delight in caring for any animal in her charge. Her paintings also display her empathy and understanding of animal life in a very direct and communicative way. Her subjects are always respected and depicted with dignity. ”

Haydn Bendall
Strongroom, Air,
Abbey Rd Studios

“I work odd days and would be lost without Bee and Creature Cavorts. Even when asked to walk Snoop at short notice, Bee has never let me down. Snoop loves her walk with the other doggie friends and clearly loves Bee. Highly recommended and trustworthy. “


Jan Harrison
Stansted Abbots

“This is our Alaskan Malamute Tala when she was a puppy. She has known Bee from an early age. When we’re busy, Bee walks Tala as she needs a lot of lengthy walks. We know that when Bee is walking Tala, our dog is in safe hands. Bee is very loving and caring and Tala absolutely adores her. And trust me Tala is very discerning about who she likes.”

Thoroughly recommended,

Mike and Rags



“We highly recommend Creature Cavorts. For the last 3 years our lovely lurcher Ruby has been in the safe hands of Bee Hopkins for her daily doggy rambles through the local Hertfordshire country trails.

Rest assured your dog will benefit from Bee’s love, care, and socialising skills while out with her canine crew.

You can trust Bee – she is 100% leader of the pack.

Thank you so much Bee. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

Maggie & Faith / Hertford

and Ruby

Creature Cavorts Pet Testimonials

Creature Cavorts Pet Testimonials

‘’We were really struggling to find a petsitter who could look after our animals while we were away on our honeymoon and visit them twice a day. Bee came highly recommended by another petsitter we contacted and we weren’t disappointed. She took a lot of time and care to find out all about our pets – which include: a bearded dragon, a cat and chickens – and what their needs were. What’s more, she gave them lots of TLC while we were away, as well as making our home look occupied and secure and sending us text updates.”

Bee is a caring, responsible, and conscientious lady who is highly dedicated to her work. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her  services.’’

Piper Terrett,  Hoddesdon

“This was the first time I had ever left my cats at home whilst I was away. Bee came to visit them before I left to get to know them and she had an instant affinity with them. I felt comfortable and happy to leave them in her care with daily visits for feeding and welfare  check. Bee also fed my  fish. Bee has a natural talent with animals and can build a trusting relationship with them very quickly. She did an excellent job and it put my mind at rest that she was there for my girls. I will definitely use her services again and would recommend her to anyone considering having someone visit their pets whilst away.”

Lauren Huzzey, Ware

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