Small Pet Boarding



Small Pets & Exotics Boarding at our premises

Small Pets (rabbits etc)

Monday – Friday

    £10 per night

   £12 per two sharing


    £12.00  per night

   £15 per two sharing

&amp &amp

&amp &amp

Small Birds

Monday – Friday

  £8 per night  (two budgies etc)


£10 per night  (two budgies etc)

Exotic Birds

Large Birds


Parrots, Lovebirds, Cockatiels

£10.00 per night

per bird


New !

Guinea Primp and Pawdicure!

During your pets staycation why not treat them to an anti-parasitical bath

in (Johnson’s small pets) mango and Manuka shampoo and safe nail trim.

Ask on application for treatments!

Please note: All services are subject to a cancellation fee.


Creature Cavorts Boarding Services are available to households beyond the specified areas.

Creature Cavorts supports

Folly Wildlife Rescue

Folly Wildlife Rescue Charity