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Cat Services include Cat Sitting, feeding, cleaning, and any other care you require

Cat Chalet Boarding

Cat Boarding at our premises

We are not a cattery, we are a bijou domestic set-up, more like a staycation for pampered kitties. Boarders come from far and wide for this exceptional service with many a kittie being reluctant to leave after their holiday here. I also multi-pet board, so if a family’s household has a cat, guinea pig and rabbit I can board them all in one location.  The pens/hutches are continuously monitored with CCTV so pets are safe and observed. We only take two family’s cats at a time so the service is specialised.

Creature Cavorts Cat Boarding Service is available to households beyond the specified areas.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.


    Mon – Fri  Cat Boarding
  • £20.00 per cat per day

We have a cat chalet and a cat pen. They both have floor coverings and cat furnishings, toys and activity centres. They have heat pads if the weather gets chilly. The pen and the chalet overlook a garden vista complete with pond, its very tranquil and ambient!
 Weekends & Bank Holidays Cat Boarding
  • £25.00 per cat per day 

We only take one family’s cat/cats at a time, so the service is specialized. We require that all kitties are in good health and up-to-date with injections, and have also been treated for fleas and worms as confirmed by their Vets’ report card.

Pet Adventure Playground

Cats and bunnies won’t be put together at the same time unless they come from the same family.

Please note: All services are subject to a cancellation fee.

Creature Cavorts also provides a feline wash n’ fluff or wash n’ comb through service. Your cat can be washed in anti-parasitical shampoo, gently warm air dryed, detangled, de- furballed, combed through and claw clipped.

Collection and return is £25.00 inclusive  

Creature Cavorts supports

Folly Wildlife Rescue

Folly Wildlife Rescue Charity