Creature Cavorts is offering animal lovers and health care professionals a simple and effective way to use Therapeutic Essential Oils, to support well-being naturally.
Animals initially used Plants as food. Other life giving chemicals were found in this food, known as secondary metabolites, that the evolving animals gradually adapted to utilise within their own bodies. Plant based Therapeutic grade essential oils, herbal Oils and Hydrosols provide a unique, natural way of keeping your pets healthy and happy in a non-invasive way.
Aromatherapy is considered one of the most ‘scientific ‘ of all the alternative medicine modalities because the properties of many essential oils have been researched for the food and beauty industries. The Therapeutic potential of essential oil components have undergone medical research for Centuries. Simple medical trials have been conducted and investigated lately as a possible replacement for conventional drugs as antibiotic therapy starts to fail.
Essential oils work at an emotional and energetic level, which may be why inhaling minuscule amounts of essential oil can cause physical problems to resolve.
This holistic approach to your pets health will help you choose the right essential oil for any problem, with proven benefits.

Cats and Dogs each have their own formulations for problems such as:

Arthritis & Joint Pain
Dry skin/Itching
Digestive Ailments
Ear Infection
Flea/Tick/Insect repellent
Hot Spots
Insect Bites/Stings
Urinary Bladder

Prices vary according to Pets requirement
30ml Glass Sprays from £15
Balms from £12

Formulations for Cats and Dogs are produced in conjunction with
Dr. Janet Roark – Essential oil vet
Sabrina Dill – Practicing Aromatherapist


I’ve found working with the oils have helped with puppy training.  We had the calming oil and the bite/chew deterrent.  Not only do they work, they are also natural and harmless to your beloved fur baby. 

Calming Oil
The calming oil mix has helped our puppy to relax and manage as he can get quite excited and bouncy!! It has a very pleasant lavender smell which leaves your dog smelling lovely too.  We also use it in long car journeys.  Although we’re lucky as he loves the car, the calming spray will be used on long journeys to help him relax.

Deterrent Oil
The Deterrent oil has helped when he wanted to chew on something that he really shouldn’t be, which was often when he was younger….   It also helped to deter him from biting us when he used to get in his puppy biting moods.  When we used this spray, it would stop our puppy instantly and he would walk away, which was amazing as he can be very persistent! 

He kept scratching and digging the corner of the room and biting at our rug, I sprayed the corner and it stopped him biting and scratching the wood and I put the oil in my hand and rubbed the rug wherever he was biting and it stopped him in his tracks.

Bee provides the oils in a refillable spray bottle , a little bit of these oils go along way – they are very economic.

I would recommend these oils as part of your training and as and when needed to calm and deter  😊

Maria Drewett

Maria Drewett

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